Important Notice – Road Traffic

Just a heads up everyone…and this is an important one!

With the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners due to arrive in Quilpie on Friday the 25th January, there will be a large increase in traffic on the Quilpie/ Charleville Road.  With over 150 trucks heading this way, we’d like to ensure the safety of everyone travelling so if you’re planning on taking your kids to boarding school, heading to Charleville for an appointment or just going away for the weekend please be aware of this.  Or better still……..stay in Quilpie and enjoy the Australia Day celebrations at Bulloo Park on Saturday 26th January 2019!!!

If possible we’d suggest you avoid travelling on Friday 25th January but if that’s not an option and you do come across them, please make it easier for them and safer for everyone concerned and just pull up on the side of the road, wait it out and enjoy the show!

We’d very much appreciate your cooperation on this and don’t forget to spread the word so everyone is aware!!