Wild Dog Control

The term wild dog refers collectively to purebred dingoes, dingo hybrids and domestic dogs that have escaped or been deliberately released. Wild Dogs may be pure white, ginger, black and tan or pure black.

Wild dogs are a declared Class 2 pest animal under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. As such, all landholders in Queensland are required to control /  reduce the number of wild dogs on their properties.

Quilpie Shire Council is committed to supporting landholders within the shire to meet the legislative requirements by providing a range of services and assistance including:

Wild Dog Advisory Committee

Wild Dog Baiting Programs

Wild Dog Control Officers

Wild Dog Bonus Payments

For full details of support available including the procedure for making Wild Dog Bonus Payment claims, download the Quilpie Shire Wild Dog Information Sheet 2017-2018.

Download the Wild Dog Bonus Payment application form.

The Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has a wide range of information available.  Visit their website here.

Feral.org.au is another excellent source of wild dog information.


PUBLIC NOTICE – Wild Dog Control Program

Council wishes to advise that a 1080 Wild Dog Control Program is scheduled to be undertaken throughout the Quilpie Shire. View the full advertisement below.

Wild Dog Control advertisement


Managing the Impacts of Dingoes and Other Wild Dogs

Managing the Impacts of Dingoes and Other Wild Dogs is the first book to provide a comprehensive review of the history and biology of wild dogs in Australia, the damage they cause and community attitudes towards their management.  Click here to access the entire volume online.