Pest Management

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, Local Governments are responsible for ensuring declared pests are managed within their areas in accordance with Act and the principles of pest management.  The Regulation states that certain animal and plant species are declared pests.  As a rural Council, Quilpie Shire Council places significant resources towards pest management and the protection of its rural industries.

Quilpie Shire has a strong commitment to wild dog control, with a number of groups coordinating wild dog control across the council area.

Pest Plant Control

Have you noticed new species of weeds emerging where drought fodder was fed to livestock? The prolonged and extensive drought and many sources of fodder has resulted in elevated weed risks in many regions across Queensland.

A new project aimed at improving fodder management and weed identification practices associated with fodder use in Queensland’s drought affected areas is being lead by AgForce Queensland and the Weed Spotters Network Queensland, working closely with local government and industry agencies.

If you have seen new weeds growing in locations where fodder was distributed, please contact the Queensland Herbarium on (07) 3896 9323, send us a specimen using the instructions found on the Queensland Herbarium website or email a photo to: