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Pets are a much treasured part of the family in many homes, however owning a pet is also a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.



New dog breeding laws commenced in Queensland on 26 May 2017, these changes will affect owners of dogs that have a litter of puppies, whether planned or unplanned.

Within 28 days of a litter being born the owner must become a registered breeder, even if the pregnancy was unplanned or you are giving the pups away.

If you are a supplier of genuine working dogs as defined in the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 you are exempt from the registration requirements. However if you supply a dog to another person that is not a working dog you will be required to apply for an exemption.

There will be no application fee for breeder registration until July 2018; after this time a fee may be introduced, following public consultation.

Dog breeder flyer

Compliance factsheet

Registering as a dog breeder factsheet

Buying or obtaining a dog factsheet

Selling dogs in Queensland factsheet

Microchip factsheet

Dog breeders – partnering agencies

Pounds and shelters factsheet


If you believe an animal is at risk or death or injury or not being treated properly, please use the below factsheet to assess and report the situation.

Animal Welfare Complaint Factsheet


All dogs over three months of age must be microchipped.  Microchips allow vets and staff to quickly identify your pet by scanning it with a microchip reader. The microchip gives your dog a unique number, which can be matched on databases that store information about your pet and your contact details. This helps with the speedy return of animals that are lost, at large or injured. Microchipping is available at vet surgeries & the RSPCA.


All dogs over three months of age must also be registered with Council.  Residents may only keep three (3) cats and/or three (3) dogs on any land except if a cattery permit or kennel licence is held. There are many benefits of registering your animal:

  • It is your proof of ownership
  • Council can return lost pets to their owners quickly.
  • You can be contacted easily if your pet is involved in an accident/ incident and requires veterinary treatment.

When you register your dog for the first time, you will receive a registration tag, this tag should be worn by your pet at all times.  If the tag is lost at any stage please contact the Council Office on 4656 0500.

Responsible pet ownership and de-sexing of pets are strongly encouraged, as is regular exercise for your dog. Dogs are welcome at Council parks and reserves as long as they are supervised and under effective control. Pet owners must ensure their pet does not roam the streets and cause a nuisance to other residents. Bored dogs bark and annoy the neighbours .  Council requests that all dog owners ensure their dog / dogs do not cause a nuisance.

Dog Registration Application Form

Payment Options

  1. At the Shire Office, 50 Brolga St Quilpie, where Eftpos facilities are available.
  2. By post with the completed Application For Registration form enclosed and cheque to:
  3. Quilpie Shire Council
    PO Box 57
    Quilpie  QLD  4480

Nuisance (Barking) Dogs

All dogs bark, but some barking dogs become a real neighbourhood nuisance. A dog is considered a nuisance if it barks for more than six minutes in any hour between 7am and 10pm on any day or if it barks for more than three minutes in any 30 minute period between 10pm and 7am on any day.

Council’s Barking Dog Complaint form can be used to record the date, time and length of nuisance barking.

The RSPCA has useful fact sheets that can be downloaded from their website to assist you to identify why your dog is barking and steps you can take to ensure others in the community are not disrupted by barking nuisance dogs.

Council are now offering training collars on loan to residents who have a problem with nuisance barking from their dog. If you believe you have exhausted all other options to prevent your dog from barking, such as walking them frequently, feeding/watering them properly, extensive training and showing them enough attention and affection then this option may be best for you. Please complete and return the below hire form.

Barking Dog Collar Hire Form

For further information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4656 0500.