Visiting Services

Body Alignment Therapy

Body Alignment Therapist, Lois Fernandez offers pain relief and functional support to those who have issues such as sciatica, sore backs, stiff necks, stress related conditions as well as conditions in children. Lois will be visiting Quilpie on 5/09/2018 (pm only), 6/09/2018, 7/09/2018. To book for an appointment please ring 0419 657 408.  View the flyer here 

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapist Outback Bowen Therapy will be visiting Quilpie once a month at the Quilpie CWA Hall. The cost is $50 and you can make an appointment by telephoning 0427 542 283.

Dental Services

The Dental Truck will be visiting Quilpie on a regular basis. To make an appointment please email OR sms/call on 0400 473 441.

The next scheduled visit TBA:

From 8.30am – 5.30pm

To make appointments please call 0400 473 441 View the flyer here

Cwaatsich – Quilpie Health Services

PLEASE NOTE: Dates and Times are Subject To Change

Speech Pathologist7/08/2018, 21/08/2018

Dr Fielding20/08/2018, 21/08/2018

Physio   10/08/2018

Exercise Physiologist10/08/2018, 24/08/2018

Optometrist (M. Young) – 22/08/2018

Catch up Cuppa – 27/08/2018

Outback Senior Games – 29/08/2018

Allied Health Visits – Quilpie Hospital

A range of allied health and medical specialists visit Quilpie Hospital on a regular basis.  For further information and dates contact the Quilpie Medical Centre directly on 07 4656 1158.

Visiting Allied Health Services requiring referral:

Physiotherapist1/08/2018, 2/08/2018, 16/08/2018

Occupational Therapist – 16/08/2018

Dietician3/08/2018, 6/08/2018

Chronic Disease (Diabetes)  3/08/2018

Child Health Nurse – 21/08/2018, 22/08/2018

Senior Social Worker6/08/2018, 20/08/2018

Speech Therapist – 6/08/2018