Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Quilpie Shire Disaster Management Plan

As with all areas of Australia, the Quilpie Shire is prone to natural disasters. Flooding, bushfires, drought, storm damage and heatwaves are the primary risks to residents of the Shire.The Quilpie Shire Local Disaster Management Plan outlines the procedures for a disaster or emergency to ensure:

  • effective and coordinated planning
  • preparedness
  • response and recovery.

The goal of the plan is for a speedy return to a safe and secure environment as soon as possible.

Quilpie Shire Local Disaster Management Plan as at August 2016

Sub-Plan One – Evacuation Welfare Plan  as at 08 December 2015

Sub-Plan 2 – Local Recovery Plan  as at 08 December 2015

Sub-Plan 3 – Resupply Plan  as at 08 December 2015

Be Prepared

It is important that all residents have an emergency plan for major disaster events.  The Queensland Government has prepared information for Queenslanders’ to assist them in preparing emergency management plans.

Rural Property Mapping Survey

Quilpie Shire Council is currently updating its records to ensure that in the case of a natural or other disaster, emergency services are able to assist rural residents in a timely and efficient manner.  Many rural properties have been sent a copy of the survey.  If you live on a rural property and have not received the questionnaire, or if you require additional copies, please download the form here

We ask that you peruse and complete the survey as thoroughly as possible and return it to Quilpie Shire Council administration office at your earliest convenience.  If there are additional families / houses on the property please include all resident deteails, or alternatively submit a second survey.

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