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Thank you for your interest in working for Council. We are committed to ensuring that recruitment and selection decisions are based on the principle of merit. This means that persons will be selected on the basis of whether they have the right skills, qualifications and other talents required to do the job.

Council updates this website with vacancies as they occur. Before applying for any position take time to carefully read the position description and the Applying to work for Council section below.

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*Note – all applications are to be accompanied by a completed applicant cover sheet. Download the Applicant Cover Sheet here.

Tips For Applying

The following guide is provided to assist you in making the best possible application. You can download the printable version here.


In submitting an application, you will need to demonstrate to Council that you possess an ability/skill by providing examples where you have applied the particular ability/skill in the past. Before you apply read the Position Description for the job you are interested in. The Position Description will list:

  • The mandatory requirements/experience that you must have to be considered for the position;
  • The desirable requirements/experience – you don’t need to have the particular qualification/experience but you should address it in your application (g. I am willing to obtain…);
  • The values that define the culture of our organisation. These values provide you with the characteristics of the person who is best suited to the position.


Your application should include:

Applicant Cover Sheet

You must fully complete the Applicant Cover Sheet ensuring that you provide your current contact details.

Cover Letter

The cover letter must address the key requirements of the position. If a qualification, skill or ability is listed as being essential, then you must have that qualification, skill or ability to be considered for the position. Be sure to include in the cover letter information about previous situations when you have had to use that knowledge, skill or ability. If a qualification or skill is listed as being desirable, then you don’t need to have that particular qualification, knowledge or skill to be considered for the position, but if you do, include this in your cover letter as it will add value to your application. Your cover letter should also address the values of the organisation so make sure that you describe why you think that you will fit well into the culture of the organisation.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

This is a brief summary of your details including:

  • Personal details: name, address, contact telephone numbers and email address;
  • Educational background: list details from most recent to past – including your university, college and/or school and any training courses or other qualifications;
  • Work history: list details of most recent to past. State the employer’s name and how long you worked there. State your position and the key duties involved in the job;
  • Additional information: Any additional information such as Drivers Licences, Operator Tickets, First Aid certificates etc;
  • Referees: you are required to provide the name, position title and contact telephone numbers of two (2) work related referees who can provide objective and honest feedback about your work experience and performance, and where possible, how it relates to the position requirements. Preferably these referees will be your current or most recent Supervisor.

Copies of Qualifications, licences, tickets and/or certificates

Only copies of your qualifications, licences, tickets and certificates should be forwarded with your application – please do not send originals as they will remain in the recruitment folder and will not be returned.


The selection panel will use all of the information provided in your cover letter, resume and attachments but will concentrate on how you have demonstrated your ability to meet the position requirements through an analysis of your qualifications, skills, abilities, experience and knowledge. If you have not provided enough information to demonstrate your skills in your application, you will not be shortlisted for an interview.


All applicants are shortlisted after the position’s closing date. This involves:

  • All applications being read by members of the selection panel. Wherever possible the selection panel will consist of the relevant Supervisor, relevant Manager and the Human Resources Officer. In the case where a conflict of interest exists for a member of the selection panel, a replacement panel member will be determined by the Chief Executive Officer or the relevant Manager;
  • Information provided in each application is compared with the position requirements;
  • Suitability in terms of the position requirements is noted and compared with other applicants; and
  • The most suitable applicants, as determined by the selection panel, are then shortlisted.

Shortlisted applicants will then be contacted by phone to arrange an interview. Applicants that weren’t shortlisted for an interview will be advised in writing.


All shortlisted applicants are interviewed. The interview will consist of a series of questions based on the position requirements. You will have the opportunity to explain and expand on the information provided in your application. The selection panel’s task is to establish whether you possess the necessary skills, qualifications and attributes to perform the duties and requirements of the position or in some cases, have the potential to acquire these skills within a reasonable time.

Your task is to demonstrate to the selection panel on how well you meet the position requirements and why you are the most suitable applicant for the position. During the interview don’t assume that the panel members know about your suitability for the job even though you may have worked with them or have previous experience in the position. Remember, the interview is a two way process; therefore, as well as the selection panel asking questions, you may ask questions as well.

During the interview, it would be preferable if you could provide a firm commencement date should you be successful in obtaining the position.


A range of assessment methods may be used to assist in selection including Language, Literacy and Numeracy testing and where applicable, plant operator practical testing.


Referees may be contacted by the panel during the selection process. Often the panel will confirm with you that the referees are still current prior to conducting a reference check.


The selection panel will assess each interviewed applicant for overall application rating and decisions will be made on the most suitable applicant for the position. Where the merit of applicants residing within the shire area or particular town where the position is based is comparable to those of applicants external to the shire or town, residents of the shire or town will be given preference.

The interview panel will make a recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer will be provided with the recruitment folder and all related documents. The successful applicant will then be notified as soon as possible after the Chief Executive Officer has approved the offer of employment. All other interviewed applicants will be notified verbally.


All offers of employment are subject to the applicant successfully passing a pre-employment medical,  drug test and national criminal history check. No applicant is to commence employment with Council before the test results have been received without prior approval from the Chief Executive Officer.


Unsuccessful applicants may obtain feedback on their application and interview by contacting Council’s Human Resources Officer.


The objective of your application is to convince the selection panel that you are the person they are looking for to fill their vacancy. There is no ‘right way’ of preparing your written application however you should consider the following:

  • Applications should be easy to read – typed or neatly hand written. Vital information might be lost if the selection panel are unable to read your application during the shortlisting process;
  • Ensure that your resume is up to date;
  • Don’t waste your money on presentation folders etc., simply staple the document together;
  • Make sure your application is addressed properly;
  • Ensure you include the job title on the Applicant Cover Sheet;
  • Ensure that your application is submitted on time.


Applications for any vacancy must be received by 5pm on the closing date shown on the position advertisement and should be forwarded to:

Post to:
Human Resources
Quilpie Shire Council
PO Box 57, QUILPIE  QLD  4480

Deliver to:
Human Resources
Quilpie Shire Council
50 Brolga Street, QUILPIE  QLD  4480

Email to: admin@quilpie.qld.gov.au

Fax to: 07 4656 1441

For additional guidance or assistance in applying for a vacancy with Council, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources Officer, Maree Radnedge or myself directly on 07 4656 0500.

Good luck with your application!

Dave Burges
Chief Executive Officer