Policies and Procedures

To ensure smooth and effective decision making and operations, and to meet legislative requirements, Council has a wide range of policies and procedures. Policies relevant to the public include, but are not limited to, the following:

C.01 Community Assistance Policy (formerly Community Grants policy)

For all the details on Council’s Community Assistance┬áProgram, including how to apply, visit our Community Assistance page.

C.02 Art and Cultural Development Policy

C.03 Caravan and Camping Policy

C.101 Internet Public Use Policy

C.101-A Internet Public Use Procedure

C.102 Museum Collection Policy


CS.01 Housing Policy

CS.02 Customer Service Policy

CS.02-B Customer Service Charter


E.01 Grid Policy

E.02 Register of Roads Policy

E.03 Private Use of Council Plant and Equipment Policy

E.04 Road Network Standard Policy


EP.01 Depasturage Policy

EP.02 A Landfill Waste Management Procedure


F.01 Audit Committee Policy

F.01-A Audit Committee Charter

F.02 Internal Audit Policy

F.03 Revenue Policy

F.04 Revenue Statement

F.05 Procurement Policy

F.06 Debt Policy

F.07 Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

F.08 Investment Policy

F.09 Private Works Policy

F.10 Recovery of Rates and Charges and General Debt Policy

F.11 Rates and Utility Charges – Pensioner Rebate and Concession Policy

F.12 Related Party Disclosure Policy


G.01 Asset Management Policy

G.03 Administrative Action Complaints Policy

G.03-A Administrative Action Complaints Procedure

G.04 Councillor Code of Conduct Policy

G.05 Councillor Expenses Reimbursement Policy

G.08 Acceptable Request Guidelines Policy

G.09 Entertainment and Hospitality Policy

G.10 Advertising Spending Policy

G.11 Enterprise Risk Management Policy

G.12 Personal Information Privacy Policy

G.13 Website and Social Media Policy

G.14 Student Cadetship Policy

G.15 Community Engagement Policy

G.16 Confidential Information Policy

G.17 Dealing With a Complaint Involving the Chief Executive Officer Policy

G.18 Public Interest Disclosure Policy

G.18-A Public Interest Disclosure Management Plan

G.18-B Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

G.19 Drug and Alcohol Policy

G.21 Councillor Investigation Policy

G.22 Council Meeting Procedures Policy