Lighting of fires

Lighting of fires

Shire residents are reminded that the lighting of a fire may require a permit issued by the Rural Fire Service.  In the case of the Quilpie township a permit can be obtained by contacting the local QFES Auxiliary Captain – for further information please contact the Quilpie Shire customer service centre.

You do not require a permit if:

  • You are burning material where the total amount is less than two (2) metres in width or height;
  • You are lighting a fire outside for the purpose of cooking and warmth, where the fire is enclosed in a fireplace which prevents the escape of fire or any burning material from it; or
  • Certain fires used by primary produces or for industrial purposes.

Adequate precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of fire regardless of whether a permit is required or not.

There is no application fee when applying for a fire permit.  Application forms can be found at

Persons found to be lighting a fire that requires a permit without the necessary approvals may be prosecuted.

Further information may be obtained by phoning Rural Fire Services, Roma on (07) 4622 2074 or by visiting